Lately and what is coming up…..

Hi folks,

I started this blog but have to admit I have not been doing very good at posting anything!

Life lately has been busy.  Life consists around work and some form of exercising which for me has been lifting weights.  I have to admit I have turned into a gym rat.  I absolutely love the gym and what it has transformed my body to thus far.  I have been putting most of my spare time into weight training with some running, cycling or swimming thrown in there but a very minimal amount.

Moving forward there will be more swimming, cycling and running as I have a half ironman in Mont Tremblant to train for at the end of June.  My official training plan does not start until Monday February 2nd but I have been trying to do a bit ahead of time to get my body acquainted with it again.  The challenge will be fitting in all the triathlon training while keeping up the weight training as well.

My plan moving forward is to make my triathlon training based on quality rather than quantity.  So I will put in the workouts but they will be quality workouts.  The reason for this decision is based upon a few reasons.  One being it will allow for more time at the gym as I believe strength training is hugely important and I have made so much gains and progress I am not willing to let it all go.  Second is I hope it will prevent burn out and it will give each workout a purpose rather than just getting on the bike and just riding.  Not sure how this plan is going to workout but I will not know until I try.

My main focus is going to be the running.  I feel the running is my weak link when it comes to this sport.  I know I got the swimming down and my cycling is pretty strong especially with all the weight training I have noticed my legs feel stronger on the bike.  The running in the past has always been an issue for me however, my running has also gotten stronger with the incorporation of the weight training and my running is feeling great with the pace quicker than my typical pace.  I also think it could have to do with running in the Mizuno Universe.  I love that shoe, it is a racing flat but I love it.

My plan is to post some updates on the training if I get the time. 🙂

That is all for now



Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome!  My name is Erin, I am a 33 year old Dutchie from Newmarket, Ontario.  Love running and triathlons!  I love everything outdoors and most of all spending time with the two people most important to me!  My fur baby, Sadie and my boyfriend, Kev!

This blog is dedicated to sharing my adventures and food tips with you as well as pictures of Sadie!

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