Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

A couple of months ago Kev and I signed up for the Bracebridge Sprint tri.  We both wanted to do at least one tri this season.

We headed up to Bracebridge on Friday after work, we stopped in Barrie for dinner and then drove to the north end of Barrie before getting on the highway.  Surprisingly when we got on the highway it was actually fairly quiet.  We spent the night in the quaint little town of Bracebridge.  Our hotel room was less than 5 minutes from the race site.

Saturday morning rolled around and we were up around 5:45am, showered and got ready and had a quick bite to eat and off we went to the race site.  We arrived at the race site around 7am which left us an hour to get set up in transition and get warmed up in the water.  Unfortunately there were a few others that arrived late so they delayed the race start to 8:15am.

I had not done basically any swimming leading up to this race so I knew my swim would not be overly strong and the same goes with the bike, although I have been out on my bike, I can count the number of times on both hands and the distance has been around 20k so the only part I was actually trained for was the run!

I gotta be honest, the race flew by!  The swim went well, it was a bit crowded on the way back to the exit but other than that the swim felt good and the water was warm!  That was one of my biggest worries, the water temp! LOL

The transition from swim to bike was a tad slow for obvious reasons, I could not get my damn wetsuit off! LOL  Once I got my wetsuit it was off to the bike.

Not long into the bike course it started raining which meant to be a bit more cautious.  I felt great o on my bike, I did notice there were a few uphills on the out portion of the course more then I remember hmmmm….. however, I felt good and kept pushing, I had no idea what my speed was because I had a Garmin malfunction LOL.  In hindsight it was probably a good thing!  Once the turn around came it felt like I was back in transition in no time!

My bike to run transition was a lot smoother, I threw my running shoes on and off I went.  I had heard from some others that the run starts going up hill.   That was the truth!  I felt strong though and it did not get me much.  Once I again I had no way to know how fast my pace was.  I ran by feel and it felt like I was barely moving.  It was an out and back and it felt like I was at the turn around in no time!  The way back was mostly downhill and it was a downhill to the finish.  I felt strong on the run and had no troubles.  If anything I think I could have pushed a bit more on the run.

I had a blast!  I am certainly in my elements when I am doing triathlons.  This was my first one in three years or so and doing this one made me realize my love for the sport of triathlon!  I am still thinking back to Saturday and thinking to myself I had so much fun!  I finished 6th out of 19 women in my age group which was just an added bonus!

Me heading out on the bike course!
Me heading out on the bike course!

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