Chicago Marathon Training Update

Hi All!

I thought I would give a bit of an update on Chicago Marathon thus far.  Knock on wood, so far it is going great both physically and mentally.  The mental part for me has always been tough especially around the long run.  I have previously only done one marathon and then the marathon in the Ironman.  I have to admit the marathon I did was not a great experience.  I had lots of anxiety around the long runs and the actual race day was a disaster so I am hoping for a better experience this time around.

Right now I am currently in week 11 of a 22 week training program.  This program has three quality runs a week with lots of cross training incorporated.  I believe for me this is working really well.  I have one speed workout, an easy run and a long run.  The easy run is also on the longish side too.  Typically on my cross training days I lift weights at the gym.  Weight lifting has been a huge difference maker for me when it comes to running.  I am much stronger and much leaner and both of these have made me a much faster runner.

When I signed up for the Chicago Marathon I was determined to keep up with the strength training and I have been doing so and it makes a big difference and also helps prevent injuries.  I also try to get out on my bike and get to the pool as well since I am a triathlete at heart.

I am happy with my training so far.  I hope to keep it up and keep it strong!

That is all for now,


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