Recent Races

As per usual this update is way past due! Haha!

I have done two races recently, both running races.  First up was the Toronto Yonge St 10k which was waaay back in April.

I was not sure what to expect out of this race in terms of results.  My running leading up to this race were on the shorter side and there was a lack of consistency.  The day before I went out and did a longer ride with my friend Erika and then winds were horrible!  I almost got blown right off my bike.  I thought my legs wouldn’t have it in me on Sunday morning.

Race morning came and we headed down to the city bright and early as we were taking the shuttle to the start line.  We got there in plenty of time and took the shuttle to the start with no problems.  We were at the start line really early and it was cold and windy so we ducked into a coffee shop until start time.

I was hoping in my mind for a PB and to break the 50 minute barrier but decided I would just go out and see what happened.  I was not going to put pressure on myself.

The race started and I was seeded in the second corral.  We were off and I started out fairly fast.  That was not the plan, the plan was to start slower and give it at the end.  I started out fast and felt good so I decided I would just keep going.  Thankfully I held it throughout the entire 10k with no problem.  I finished with a 49:05!  I got my sub 50 minutes and it was a PB for me by 3 minutes and change.  I was happy!  🙂  Everything went well and I was mentally strong throughout the entire race.  That was the key for me.  My mind always gets the better of me.

Next up on my list was the Spring Fling 15k.  I have actually never heard of this race.  I stumbled upon this one from my boss.  She was saying her daughter was doing the 5k so I went online and checked it out.  They had a 15k distance which was new this year so we decided to sign up for it.   With it being on June 14th we had some time to get in some additional training and build from the 10k PB.  In the midst of training for these we got into the Chicago marathon lottery so this was a good race to see what I had in me leading up to Chicago.

This race was held in Sunnybrook Park.  A smaller race I think the 15k only had about 200 or 250 people.  Race morning was humid and overcast with rain in the forecast.  I was hoping the rain would hold off and it did.  It was a start time of 8am and the 15k distance was off first.  This race was all on pathways which were fairly narrow so I was a bit worried.

We were off!  As per the usual I got out too fast.  The crowded path at the start slowed me down a bit.  I was secretly hoping to run a steady race at a 5:15/km pace.  I got out a bit too quick but I settled into a 5:20ish pace for the first few km’s.  Once we were on our way back to the finish we picked up the pace.  It was a bit wonky as it was an out and back course and three different races going on you were passing lots of people.  Anyway we picked up the pace to about a 5:05 until we hit this hill nearing the end and it slowed me down a bit but I picked it back up.  I finished with a 1:17:45 which was an overall pace of 5:11/km.  I was happy with that pace and I got 5th in my age group out of 38 females.  🙂  It was a good race, I would recommend it, I will probably do that one again.

No more races for now planned, just focused on training for the Chicago Marathon in October!


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