PR’s and lack of triathlon training

Hi All!

Can you believe it is almost March!  Whew where did the time go!  Time is going faster than I would like!

This last week I have been slacking on the triathlon training with good reason.  My fur baby.  Mike is away and so I have been being a full time momma to my sweet my fur baby.  She has taken priority over the triathlon training this last week.  I hope to get back on training this weekend coming.  Sadie and I have had lots of fun over this last week.  We have done some trips to the forest and a trip to Pet Smart and a walk around Fairy Lake.  She loves her exercise and is very high energy like her momma.  I am sad to say she will be going back to her daddy tomorrow morning.  It is always heart breaking to see her go.  But on the bright side I will see her again hopefully on Sunday.  So when she is over I always try to make the most of our time together.

Over the last week I still did manage to get to the gym a few times.  I have to say I am making some serious gainz!  I managed a few new PRs this week in the gym.  I am most excited and happiest about my new PR on the bench press!  I love the bench press, it is my favorite exercise outside of squats.  I have been working hard and very motivated to get the weight up to 100 pounds.  So when I hit 85 pounds this week I was elated.  I am going to keep pushing.  I also hit some new PR’s on my leg workout.  My squats hit 150 pounds and 300 pounds on the leg press.  My legs are becoming pure muscle and I love it!  I am hoping all of this muscle is going to transfer over to more successful running and cycling.

I still have some areas that I am not happy with.  I am going to starting focusing more attention and pushing harder on my back for sure and my arms.  I have been doing push ups daily as I know they are great exercise for my weaker areas.  I will keep you posted on how that goes!

That is all for now!


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