Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

A couple of months ago Kev and I signed up for the Bracebridge Sprint tri.  We both wanted to do at least one tri this season.

We headed up to Bracebridge on Friday after work, we stopped in Barrie for dinner and then drove to the north end of Barrie before getting on the highway.  Surprisingly when we got on the highway it was actually fairly quiet.  We spent the night in the quaint little town of Bracebridge.  Our hotel room was less than 5 minutes from the race site.

Saturday morning rolled around and we were up around 5:45am, showered and got ready and had a quick bite to eat and off we went to the race site.  We arrived at the race site around 7am which left us an hour to get set up in transition and get warmed up in the water.  Unfortunately there were a few others that arrived late so they delayed the race start to 8:15am.

I had not done basically any swimming leading up to this race so I knew my swim would not be overly strong and the same goes with the bike, although I have been out on my bike, I can count the number of times on both hands and the distance has been around 20k so the only part I was actually trained for was the run!

I gotta be honest, the race flew by!  The swim went well, it was a bit crowded on the way back to the exit but other than that the swim felt good and the water was warm!  That was one of my biggest worries, the water temp! LOL

The transition from swim to bike was a tad slow for obvious reasons, I could not get my damn wetsuit off! LOL  Once I got my wetsuit it was off to the bike.

Not long into the bike course it started raining which meant to be a bit more cautious.  I felt great o on my bike, I did notice there were a few uphills on the out portion of the course more then I remember hmmmm….. however, I felt good and kept pushing, I had no idea what my speed was because I had a Garmin malfunction LOL.  In hindsight it was probably a good thing!  Once the turn around came it felt like I was back in transition in no time!

My bike to run transition was a lot smoother, I threw my running shoes on and off I went.  I had heard from some others that the run starts going up hill.   That was the truth!  I felt strong though and it did not get me much.  Once I again I had no way to know how fast my pace was.  I ran by feel and it felt like I was barely moving.  It was an out and back and it felt like I was at the turn around in no time!  The way back was mostly downhill and it was a downhill to the finish.  I felt strong on the run and had no troubles.  If anything I think I could have pushed a bit more on the run.

I had a blast!  I am certainly in my elements when I am doing triathlons.  This was my first one in three years or so and doing this one made me realize my love for the sport of triathlon!  I am still thinking back to Saturday and thinking to myself I had so much fun!  I finished 6th out of 19 women in my age group which was just an added bonus!

Me heading out on the bike course!
Me heading out on the bike course!

Chicago Marathon Training Update

Hi All!

I thought I would give a bit of an update on Chicago Marathon thus far.  Knock on wood, so far it is going great both physically and mentally.  The mental part for me has always been tough especially around the long run.  I have previously only done one marathon and then the marathon in the Ironman.  I have to admit the marathon I did was not a great experience.  I had lots of anxiety around the long runs and the actual race day was a disaster so I am hoping for a better experience this time around.

Right now I am currently in week 11 of a 22 week training program.  This program has three quality runs a week with lots of cross training incorporated.  I believe for me this is working really well.  I have one speed workout, an easy run and a long run.  The easy run is also on the longish side too.  Typically on my cross training days I lift weights at the gym.  Weight lifting has been a huge difference maker for me when it comes to running.  I am much stronger and much leaner and both of these have made me a much faster runner.

When I signed up for the Chicago Marathon I was determined to keep up with the strength training and I have been doing so and it makes a big difference and also helps prevent injuries.  I also try to get out on my bike and get to the pool as well since I am a triathlete at heart.

I am happy with my training so far.  I hope to keep it up and keep it strong!

That is all for now,

Recent Races

As per usual this update is way past due! Haha!

I have done two races recently, both running races.  First up was the Toronto Yonge St 10k which was waaay back in April.

I was not sure what to expect out of this race in terms of results.  My running leading up to this race were on the shorter side and there was a lack of consistency.  The day before I went out and did a longer ride with my friend Erika and then winds were horrible!  I almost got blown right off my bike.  I thought my legs wouldn’t have it in me on Sunday morning.

Race morning came and we headed down to the city bright and early as we were taking the shuttle to the start line.  We got there in plenty of time and took the shuttle to the start with no problems.  We were at the start line really early and it was cold and windy so we ducked into a coffee shop until start time.

I was hoping in my mind for a PB and to break the 50 minute barrier but decided I would just go out and see what happened.  I was not going to put pressure on myself.

The race started and I was seeded in the second corral.  We were off and I started out fairly fast.  That was not the plan, the plan was to start slower and give it at the end.  I started out fast and felt good so I decided I would just keep going.  Thankfully I held it throughout the entire 10k with no problem.  I finished with a 49:05!  I got my sub 50 minutes and it was a PB for me by 3 minutes and change.  I was happy!  🙂  Everything went well and I was mentally strong throughout the entire race.  That was the key for me.  My mind always gets the better of me.

Next up on my list was the Spring Fling 15k.  I have actually never heard of this race.  I stumbled upon this one from my boss.  She was saying her daughter was doing the 5k so I went online and checked it out.  They had a 15k distance which was new this year so we decided to sign up for it.   With it being on June 14th we had some time to get in some additional training and build from the 10k PB.  In the midst of training for these we got into the Chicago marathon lottery so this was a good race to see what I had in me leading up to Chicago.

This race was held in Sunnybrook Park.  A smaller race I think the 15k only had about 200 or 250 people.  Race morning was humid and overcast with rain in the forecast.  I was hoping the rain would hold off and it did.  It was a start time of 8am and the 15k distance was off first.  This race was all on pathways which were fairly narrow so I was a bit worried.

We were off!  As per the usual I got out too fast.  The crowded path at the start slowed me down a bit.  I was secretly hoping to run a steady race at a 5:15/km pace.  I got out a bit too quick but I settled into a 5:20ish pace for the first few km’s.  Once we were on our way back to the finish we picked up the pace.  It was a bit wonky as it was an out and back course and three different races going on you were passing lots of people.  Anyway we picked up the pace to about a 5:05 until we hit this hill nearing the end and it slowed me down a bit but I picked it back up.  I finished with a 1:17:45 which was an overall pace of 5:11/km.  I was happy with that pace and I got 5th in my age group out of 38 females.  🙂  It was a good race, I would recommend it, I will probably do that one again.

No more races for now planned, just focused on training for the Chicago Marathon in October!

Enjoying the weekend away

Happy Monday!

This past weekend Kev and I made a last minute decision to head to Niagara on the Lake for one night just to change things up and get away.  I was hesitant at first as I knew we would not have much time but I am so glad I did!  Sometimes even just a night away to get away from the same old routine makes such a difference to the body and mind.

We arrived at the hotel around 7:30pm on Saturday night and checked in and then went for dinner down in the lobby.  The hotel had a nice restaurant so we thought given the time we would just stay at the hotel and eat.  We just relaxed and enjoyed dinner.  Afterwards we took a drive down to the falls to see the falls lit up at night.  We didn’t get out of the car we kind of just drove by.  They were nice, not as frozen as they were in February.

Sunday morning we slept in and then got up and went for a run.  I am starting to get spring fever!  How about you?  After our run we went and hit the hot tub, oh and it felt so good.   I wish I had one at home!  After the hot tub we got ready and headed out to the new outlet mall.  It was convenient seeing as it was right up the road from our hotel.  We ended up picking up a few things.  Really nice mall with some great stores such as Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Gap, Coach etc.  I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area.  After a little shopping we headed back down to Niagara Falls.  We wanted to see the falls and get some pictures.  It was such a gorgeous day!

After enjoying the falls we enjoyed a nice dinner at a restaurant overlooking the falls and then we headed home.  It was a nice weekend away even if it was short!


Hi Everyone,

Happy Hump Day!  We are into March and spring is hopefully just around the corner!

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking recently and have made a big decision.  I have decided after much thought not to participate in the Mont Tremblant 70.3.  Although I love the sport of triathlon the half is just not my priority currently.  Since I have taken on the gym and fallen in love with it I have quickly come to the realization that the gym is my priority.  I just do not have the time to train both for the gym and for the half ironman.  It is just too much.

So having said that, I have made new plans.  I am going to continue with my training at the gym and focus more on running and maybe do a smaller sprint triathlon.  I am happy with my decision and feel I have made the right one for my lifestyle and my goals.  So I have signed up for Yonge St 10k and I have also signed up for the Army Run in Ottawa.  I will also maybe do a couple of sprint triathlons throughout the summer as well.  Signing up for the running races will allow me to still keep my gym training but will also allow me to do some running and triathlon but in shorter distances which is more manageable for me.

So starting this weekend I hope to start ramping up my running.

That is all for now.

PR’s and lack of triathlon training

Hi All!

Can you believe it is almost March!  Whew where did the time go!  Time is going faster than I would like!

This last week I have been slacking on the triathlon training with good reason.  My fur baby.  Mike is away and so I have been being a full time momma to my sweet my fur baby.  She has taken priority over the triathlon training this last week.  I hope to get back on training this weekend coming.  Sadie and I have had lots of fun over this last week.  We have done some trips to the forest and a trip to Pet Smart and a walk around Fairy Lake.  She loves her exercise and is very high energy like her momma.  I am sad to say she will be going back to her daddy tomorrow morning.  It is always heart breaking to see her go.  But on the bright side I will see her again hopefully on Sunday.  So when she is over I always try to make the most of our time together.

Over the last week I still did manage to get to the gym a few times.  I have to say I am making some serious gainz!  I managed a few new PRs this week in the gym.  I am most excited and happiest about my new PR on the bench press!  I love the bench press, it is my favorite exercise outside of squats.  I have been working hard and very motivated to get the weight up to 100 pounds.  So when I hit 85 pounds this week I was elated.  I am going to keep pushing.  I also hit some new PR’s on my leg workout.  My squats hit 150 pounds and 300 pounds on the leg press.  My legs are becoming pure muscle and I love it!  I am hoping all of this muscle is going to transfer over to more successful running and cycling.

I still have some areas that I am not happy with.  I am going to starting focusing more attention and pushing harder on my back for sure and my arms.  I have been doing push ups daily as I know they are great exercise for my weaker areas.  I will keep you posted on how that goes!

That is all for now!

Training Update and 41 days until Cuba…

Hi All!  Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you but I am not enjoying this colder weather so I have officially started my countdown until I go to Cuba!  41 days!  Woohoo!

I have 41 days to keep transforming this body at the gym.  My motivation for pushing hard at the gym is definitely this trip to Cuba.  I want to look good in that two piece!  I have been consistently going to the gym for I would say 6 months now and when I say consistently I mean for sure 5-6 days a week.  I have a training plan that I was given by my coach.  I have been following it and also following a food plan quite closely and it has worked!   I have to admit I have become addicted to the gym and the results I have been seeing from the gym workouts.  I am definitely going to work hard and see how much more I can change in these next 41 days.

The other part of the training, the half ironman training that is has been going ok.  I am trying my best to fit everything but have to be honest I have missed a couple of workouts a week and this week I knew I was going to miss quite a bit due to other commitments.  I am trying my best with the time I have.  I am someone with one of those personalities that if I have schedule in front of me it bothers me when I don’t do all of the workouts.  I have to learn to let that go and just do the best I can and take one day at a time.  The running and biking have been consistent.  I have been doing the odd spin class and riding my trainer at home.  The running has been mainly indoors on the treadmill which I do while I am at the gym for weight training.  The swimming is definitely lagging.  I have been to the pool only a couple of times.  I have to bump this up a bit.  Boy it is so hard though when it is this cold outside!

Onwards and upwards!  Have a great weekend everyone!